Hello, I’m Giannis and this is not a travel blog. There are so many of them already and there is no reason to add one more to the travel blog pile. So, what is it then this blog that you landed on? Well, let me tell you about me first.  

As I said, I’m Giannis, I’m from Greece, I live on a beautiful island called Crete, I love to make pictures and I have this passion to learn as much as I can about the world, the different cultures and the people that live or lived before us. I have a full time job as a programmer working remotely so I have a freedom to travel as much as I want and work at the same time. 

What gave the ignition to start this blog was a conversation that I overheard during one of my trips. There was this couple of tourists discussing about what was about the place they were visiting and everyone likes it so much. They claimed that there was nothing of interest at this place. Yes, not every place fits for everyone. But unfortunately that was not the issue. This couple was not aware of what and where to look, why they were brought there by their travel agency and why they were lucky to have a chance to be there. 

I know. The next question that pops up on your mind is how you will going to change that. Ignorant people will always be ignorant, right? I don’t think that this was the case with this couple. Let me try to explain. Today, in the age of social media and the huge amount and rapid dissemination of information, our minds are trying to navigate through the clutter of information by ignoring what takes time to understand. Due to this, social media that are focusing heavily on the visual part of information such as Instagram and Snapchat and platforms for quick exchange of updates such as Twitter become more and more popular. 

Going back to this couple, I can only guess that the reason they visit that place was because of its popularity on social media. The myriad of pictures of that place appearing on their feeds posted by their friends was led them to the following conclusion: This place is popular. Let’s go! 

I’m sure you know already the famous quote about a picture and its worth of a thousand words, right? Well, I started to believe that is wrong. A picture’s worth depends on the viewers knowledge of the subject the picture represents. So, just a picture may worth one thousand words but the same picture can worth a million words to an informed viewer. 

And this is what this blog is all about. Informing people with a quick and visual way about what is that on that beautiful picture on social media that they were stumbled across. Let’s try to make pictures of beautiful places with their stories attached to them. 


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