Church of the Savior on Blood

December 7, 2017

Emperor Alexander the Second, after his disastrous defeat in the Crimea war against Britain, France and Turkey initiated a number of radical reforms groundbreaking for the Russia at the time. His dedication on the reforms, created many enemies while the attempts against his life were numerous. Alexander II among other attacks, he survived from an explosion in the winter palace and a derailment of a train. One day his royal carriage passing near the Griboedov Canal was under attack. A grenade thrown by a revolutionary exploded and destroyed his carriage but left the Emperor unharmed. Then a second attacker threw another bomb that fatally hurt the Emperor. At the site of the attack where he was mortally wounded, the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood was raised as a memorial to him .

Photo taken at Church of the Savior on Blood

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