Imeri Gramvousa

November 4, 2017

On 30th of December of 1967, the motorship 'Dimitrios P.' loaded with almost 500 tons of cement started its journey from Chalkida to Northern Africa. The ship dealt with very bad weather conditions and had to made two stops to avoid them. At its second stop the captain of the ship decides to anchor on the south side of Imeri Gramvousa not very far from the coast. On 8th of January of 1968 the one anchor broke and the ship drifted towards the coast. The captain was not able to hold the ship away from the coast using its engines and the ship became stranded. The impact created a breach and the engine room was flooded with water. The crew and the captain abandoned the ship and safely disembarked on Imeri Gramvousa that hosted them for two nights until a ship of the Greek Navy collected them and transferred them to Souda port. Since then, the shipwreck lies at the coasts of Imeri Gramvousa and had become part of the beautiful scenery

Photo taken at Imeri Gramvousa


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    Very interesting

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    Εισαι Υπεροχος! Κ Καλο Μηνα Να χεις!

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