Kokkini Paralia

July 5, 2017

Vivid red painted rocks and sand is what you will find if you visit the red beach in Santorini. People describe it as 'one of a kind' beach and a 'must seen' location and admittedly they are right. The vivid red color that is surged into the blue sea is truly a unique sight. However, if you decide to go there you must be aware that it is forbidden. Due to the the high possibility of landslides it is extremely dangerous to go and authorities warn you that if you go it's on your own risk. Despite the warnings, the red beach of Santorini is full of people who go to admire the spectacular volcanic scenery. To get there you need to walk a small rocky path for about ten minutes, or take a quick boat trip from the nearby villages.

Photo taken at Kokkini Paralia


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    Amazing .. beautiful

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    Wao! Spectacular!!

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    Πω πω….Σαντορίνη

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    Εκπληκτικο σημειο!!!

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    Nice pic and place

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    Great shot & informative caption!!

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    Cool, how beautiful

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    Algun dia viviremos para siempre en estos bellisimos lugares. Salmos 37: 10,11 ,29

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    Απο τις ποιο ομορφες παραλιες στην Ελλαδαρα μας

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