April 26, 2018

Walking down the port of Paphos you will meet a big rusty bench with a Greek text engraved on it. The text is part of Sophocles tragedy "Antigone" and it's an anthem dedicated to the power of love. The bench is called the 'bench of the lovers' so don't miss the chance to take a photo with your other half. 'Oh love, invincible in battle
you rule in every step you make.
You, who make young girls asleep in nights.
You, who can move across the seas
and get deep in yards.
No one escapes from you
No immortals, nor Gods.
You live in the body,
and driving it crazy.
You turn sane people, insane
and leading them to their end.' "Antigone", by Sophocles *text is loosely translated from Greek to English.

Photo taken at Páfos

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