June 29, 2017

Around 1610 BC, a complete round island in the middle of the aegean sea was devastated from one of the most massive volcanic eruptions recorded in human history. This eruption created a giant caldera covering an area more than 80 square kilometers. This event led to the fall of the great Minoan civilization while some researchers believe that it was the cause of most of the biblical plagues, strongly connected with the Exodus of Israelites from Egypt. Today, what remains from that round island is the most popular touristic destination in Greece. The island of Santorini gets more than 2 million visitors every year which roughly amounts to the 10% of total tourists visiting Greece.

Photo taken at Santorini


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    Great, great photo!

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    Amazing capture⚘

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    Φανταστικο Το Μπλε της Θαλασσας κ Του Ελληνικου Ουρανου!

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