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Moscow, Russia

If you are expecting to see bears in Moscow you will be disappointed. However, it is very easy to see squirrels in the parks. Don't forget to bring some nuts with you. You don't want to let down these little guys

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Метро Театральная

'Proletariat of the world, unite' was Marx suggestion to every person who had nothing else as an economic value except the power of they work. This great thinker was the first to identify the power of the working class in the industrialized new world

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Panoramic view of the city. Moscow is magical

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Saint Basil's Cathedral

The cathedral of Vasily the blessed with its vivid-colored paint is one of the most iconic monuments of Moscow.

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Большой театр России / Bolshoi Theatre of Russia

The Bolshoi Theater (or the Grand Theater) of Moscow opened its gates in 1825 hosting only opera and ballet shows.

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